"I think I have been flashed by a speed camera, what will happen" or "I think I have been flashed by a speed camera, how long do they have to write to me" are the 2 most common questions I get asked as a motoring solicitor.

The first thing I say is that just because you saw the flash does not mean for sure you will get a ticket. Some cameras simply don't work, some don't have film in etc. That will change when they all become digital and I wouldn't advise taking a chance that they aren't live!

So you have seen the speed camera flash - now what? Provided the car is registered at your home address you will hear something within 14 days. The police have just 14 days to write to you with a notice of intended prosecution. If they don't - they are out of time and there is nothing they can do. But be aware that if the car is not registered at your address, if you have changed address or it's a lease car all the police need do is send it to the address on the log book. If you don't get it for a few weeks later it still counts as valid service.

If you receive the Notice of Intended prosecution you will need to send it back within 28 days. If you don't then you are guilty of failing to furnish drivers details and that carries 6 points.

I will look at what happens after the Notice of Intended Prosecution in the next blog.


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